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Marble Iconostasis of the Resurrection side-chapel in the Diveevo Monastery



Marble Iconostasis in Osokorki (Kiev)



Marble Iconostasis of the Conception side-chapel in the Diveevo Monastery



Iconostasis in Diveevo Monastery



Marble Iconostasis in the Diveevo Monastery — side-chapel



Marble Iconostasis in Kiev. Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka



Iconostatsis in the Diveevo Monastery school Church



Иконостас мраморный в придел в честь Похвалы Пресвятой Богородицы Дивеево



Фрагмент иконостаса в храм Святой Троицы. Киев



Иконостас в храм пророка Илии



In orthodox tradition of church decorating every single detail has an important role creating a magnificent artistic image in accordance with a spiritual principle. Therefore, when designing the iconostasis we not just decorate its interior beautifully, but by combining majestic natural marble with skillful carving and play of light, we emphasize the magnificence of the Holy Images. It is important to create visual and spiritual harmony inside the church which will create a prayer mood. Dialit Ltd. is an enterprise uniting multiprofessional craftsmen, architects and artists. Our team provides experienced design, manufacture, delivery and installation of readymade products. The marble iconostasises of Dialit Ltd. adorn various churches in Ukraine, Russia and other countries, - for instance, there are 11 iconostasises in the Diveevo Reverend Seraphim Monastery. While iconostasis creation process, we thoroughly analyze church\'s interior and then, proceed sketches and drawings creation. Every detail is taken into account: from the number of stages up to the depth of the thread. After the approval of the drawings, the manufacturers get to work. We use high-quality marble brought from Italy, Greece, Portugal, India, Macedonia, Turkey and other countries. To make the iconostasis from marble, we use modern equipment as well as our craftsmen process the carving by hand making every single detail perfect. Our several years experience allow us to satisfy any customer\'s wishes using marble, exclusive onyx and granite as well as complementing them with silver-plated and gilded casting from bronze, brass and other metals. You can place an order for the marble iconostasis and get additional information by calling: +38 (096) 517-67-25 (Ukraine), +7 (960) 179-03-09 (Russia), or by e-mail dialit.sale@gmail.com.

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