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Marble, granite, and casting manufacturing — Dialit.

/ Dialit / Marble, granite, and casting manufacturing — Dialit.

Full production cycle...

Dialit Ltd. is a modern dynamically developing enterprise.
 Our specialization is - manufacturing of items for internal and external church decoration.
 We make iconostases, icon cases, canopies, Holy Tables, Credence Tables, as well as marble and granite windowsills, table tops, stairs, tiles.

Manufacture includes:

- design department (designers, architects, engineers)

- art department (sculptors, painters),

- stone warehouse (marble, granite, labradorite, onyx)

- stone manufacturing machine shop (modern Italian machines),

- manual processing shop (stone carvers, engravers, grinders)

- foundry complex (casting of aluminum, bronze, brass and cast iron),

- electroplating shop (gilding, silvering, blackening).

Modern technologies...

During all production stages (from design to installation of the product in the church) Dialit Ltd. uses the most modern technologies. High-precision Italian CNC machines with five freedom degree. The best tools: from hand drills to high performance machine tools. 3D scanning. Modern software.

Our decorative casting and galvanic coatings manufactory shops surpass similar domestic and in many aspects many foreign manufactories in terms of their equipment and capabilities as well as in terms of the quality of the products obtained.

Опытные специалисты...

The pieces which were performed by our team decorate the churches of the Diveevo Reverent Seraphim Monastery and the Pochaev Holy Dormition Laura. Our customs can be seen in Kiev in the temple of St. Simeon the Stylite, in Petropavlovska Borschagovka, and in the church of the Twelve Apostles of Osokorki. We are entrusted with the design and manufacture of interior and exterior decoration of large metropolitan cathedrals and small village churches.
We are glad to every customer, we are ready to work with large Christian communities as well as with single customers. The more difficult the order is, the more experienced our specialists will be, the more further steps our company will move in its development.

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